Friday, February 15, 2013

Times Tables - Online Game to help learn multiplication

Tables Test is a new math site designed to assist students with learning their basic multiplication facts. The interface is simply a times table that students can use to practice their multiplication facts. There are six test that you can take that test your knowledge of times tables as well as your speed. For each level you are awarded points for correct answers and speed. The more students use Tables Test the better they will get at memorizing their multiplication facts. This site is perfect for elementary teachers and parents who want to support their child's learning from home. Thanks to Mark over at "Make Use Of" for making me aware of this site.


  1. Have you seen this one, that includes study? (I'm trying to relocate the one I found with rows and columns showing what the times examples meant...)

  2. I had not seen before. Thank you for sharing xiousgeonz.

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