Sunday, March 16, 2014

6 powerful interactive history sites

Colonial House
What was it like to live in 1628 Colonial America? To find out, go to this interactive site by PBS and discover the people, food, clothing, houses and ways of life for Colonists, indentures servants, and Native Americans. The site contains a variety of learning activities including audio, video, quizzes, maps, dress the colonist, and an interactive journey across the ocean. Colonial House is sure to make learning about colonial life more fum and engaging for your students.


Annenberg Learner
I have shared this awesome site previously for these posts about math and science and their collection of interactive history activities is second to none. You will find over 90 different resources on topics ranging from the Spice Trade to Civil Rights. I cannot possibly do justice to this site so you will have to check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.


BBC Interactive History Content
The BBC always seems to have terrific content and this site is no exception. Visitors will discover audio, video, animations, timelines, games and galleries on many historical topics. The World Wars, Ancient Rome and the Egyptians are all topics you will find here. If world history is your "cup of tea," then head on over to this BBC site to find out more.


NAACP Interactive Timeline
This terrific site shares the history of the Civil Rights Movements through the history of the NAACP itself. Upon visiting you are greeted by actor Laurence Fishburne's introduction to the site. The site offers a variety of wonderful resources that are interactive and informative. Each dot on the timeline connects to other times and places that relate to the chosen event. When you click "more info" you get a wealth of additional material including history, impact, people, multimedia and resources. The site is a "must see" for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Civil Rights Movement and the NAACP


This interactive site from the History Channel brings the American Civil War to you in a series infographics which identify key details about America's most tragic war. The people, the weapons, the deadliest battles, and economics behind the war are all shared in fascinating detail. Visitors can find out even more about the war by clicking "explore topics and vote" below the site's title. From here you will be presented with more topics and more information and you can vote on whether the topic left an important legacy.


World-ology's offers a nice collection of interactive maps that cover European history from the Dark Ages to the Cold War period and modern Europe. There are currently a dozen maps to explore and each offers much more than just political lines and capitals. The maps all share detailed information on the topic when your mouse hovers over selected points. There are many options available including the ability to show modern political boundaries over the different historical maps. The site also offers timelines and articles as well.


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