Thursday, January 2, 2014

9 Wonderful Weather Websites for kids

Tree House Weather for Kids
Tree House Weather Kids is a site from University of Illinois Extension that is designed to help kids 5th through 8th grades get a better understanding of weather. The site's videos and interactive learning activities are meant to support the learning of weather topics in the classroom.


Edheads Weather
Edheads weather section is a place where students can learn to predict and report the weather. Each activity is divided into three levels with the difficulty increasing as the student progresses. Teachers should do a test run on the devices that the students will use to make sure it runs correctly.


Weather Watch
Scholastic has two very cool weather websites. The first, called Weather Watch, has multiple interactive experiences that helps students observe,  analyze, investigate and gather data on weather information.
Their second website is the Interactive Weather Maker allows you to control the weather by changing humidity and two different global temperatures. This simple site show how these factors can influence weather in their region.

Discovery Kids Weather
Discovery Kids Weather has information on basic weather phenomenon such as seasons, rain, fog and rainbows. There is a separate section on extreme weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. This site is primarily an information site for reports or projects.


Weather from Science Kids
Weather from Science Kids has a nice selection of resources to help make learning about weather more fun. There are lessons, weather experiments, games, quizzes, videos, images, and project ideas.


NOAA Weather for Kids
NOAA - Weather for Kids contains a collection of links to weather related activities. There are games, information, and educational resources to help students better understand the science of weather.


Web Weather for Kids
Web Weather for Kids is another great site with various learning activities including games and interesting weather stories. The site also has real world weather experiments that can be performed from home or in the classroom.


Weather Wizkids has the largest collection of weather related activities among the sites listed. They too have games, and experiments but Weather Wizkids offers so much more. They provide jokes, flashcards, images, and other resources including a feature that allows kids to see their local forecast.



  1. I love your collection of weather sites. Do you have any others on earth science? I am teaching a 9th grade New York regents course for the first time and need resources!

  2. Superb website!!!! Excellent! Thank you for your gift!

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