Wednesday, March 12, 2014

4 Incredible educational tools you may not have seen

Every Slide
With Every Slide you can turn your average presentation slides into an interactive educational experience for your students. You simply have to upload your presentation and then add polls that your students can respond to with their own devices. The polls can be text, true/false or multiple choice and you can add them ahead of time or as you go. Students can join the presentation by typing in a code which is visible at the top of your presentation. This is a powerful tool and best of all, it is free for teachers.


Flip Quiz
Most teachers are always looking for ways to make formative assessments more fun and engaging. Flip Quiz (in Beta) allows you to create Jeopardy style review games and you don't have to possess any technical know how. Once you sign up you can easily create your first game in a short amount of time and your students will love playing along. Thank you Doug Peterson (@dougpete) for sharing this via Twitter.

This site allows you to create a simple single page poster with text, images, and videos. Once you sign up (it's free) you simply add the elements and then publish the final product. Elements can be added from your computer, social media sites such a s Flickr, or added from the web. One of the best features on Populr is that it allows collaboration on a page which is great for group projects. Finished projects can be shared via email or your favorite social media sites.


Here is a terrific site for creating an online photo album or scrapbooks. This site also allows collaboration which make it ideal for group projects. Signing up does require an email address but no other personal information is needed. The site is very simple to use as all you need is to add pictures and then text to accompany each picture and the site does the rest. Once you are done the book can be downloaded as a PDF to be handed in or students can share the book with the teacher.

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