Friday, September 26, 2014

9 Science Centered YouTube Channels for teachers and students

This YouTube channels currently has nearly 60 videos that focus on science in the "real world." Some of the topics they explore include yawning, snowboarding, and sleeping. 


Steve Spangler YouTube collection
For science teachers, there may not be a better resource than Steve Spangler's YouTube channels. He not only performs fun and engaging experiments but he takes the time to explain the science behind what you see.

Sick Science
Here you can find nearly 500 interesting experiments that can be done at home.

Here you will find hundreds of science experiments and some that have been performed on television shows such as Ellen and Minute to Win it.

The Spangler Effect
Finally you can enjoy another 100+ science videos produced by Steve Spangler including some recorded live and behind the scenes as well.


Tara and Anthony are relative new comers to the world of YouTube science videos but they are fun to watch. They started in November of 2013 and currently have over 30 videos to watch. Their topics are all science based but are done in a very entertaining way.


Minute Physics
Minute physics lives by the idea that "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Their collection of over 135 videos are simple and yet very effective in explaining various physics topics.


Whiz Kid 
Here you can find over 25 easy science projects that can be done from home. The objects used in the videos are simple every day things like eggs, chip bags, and balloons.

This channel is another great place to find simple experiments that can be done anywhere. There are more than 70 interesting videos to explore and you will enjoy watching them all.


Newsy Science
With hundreds and hundreds of science related news stories, Newsy Science is a tremendous resource for teachers who want to blend scientific principals with current events. The channel draws from a wide variety of news agencies and has produced an impressive library of videos that will benefit any science classroom.



  1. Great collection of links! I am going to head over and subscribe to these channels!!! :)

  2. Good collection, but you could also include Veritasium and 60 Symbols

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