Monday, November 12, 2012

More (cool) websites

Soothing Sounds
There are few things as soothing and relaxing as listening to rain fall outside. To enjoy the sound of rain anytime and anywhere you can go to Rainy and enjoy mother nature's perfect white noise.

Amazing Photography
Planet Earth is an amazing place and Trek Earth wants to share it with you. This is a travel themed website that features some of the most amazing photography from all over the world. This site is not only great for travelers, it can be used by foreign language, geography, science and history teachers as well.

History in color
Speaking of history, at this site, they feature colorized versions of famous people and events from the past 150 years. It is stunning to see color photographs of Lincoln, Einstein, Anne Frank, and other iconic pictures.

Blocklayer is a site that features amazingly handy tools for the home "Do it Yourselfers" out there. Need help calculating the proper angle for stairs? Want to install a deck? This website will help you with those projects and more.

DIY the sequel
Finally, another excellent site to help you learn to do almost anything is 5 Minutes. They feature short "how to" videos on a wide array of topics. Check out this helpful site the next time you want to learn something new.

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