Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back in the saddle

I have quite a back log of sites, blogs, and fun things to share so I can't slack anymore.

First up for today is Cooking Comically, a fun cooking site that shares its recipes in a comic strip style. This site's creator is just a regular guy who likes to draw and cook and decided to combine his passions. If you appreciate comic style art, humor, and of course cooking, then head over to this site as join the fun.

Today's second site is a collection of 22 Google forms that should prove useful to both teachers and administrators. This useful collection was created by Kern Kelley and I learned about it from the Free Technology for Teachers blog which is written by Richard Byrne.

Speaking of Richard Byrne's blog, the final discovery for today is from his Free Technology for Teachers blog. In this post he explains 10 ways to create videos without installing software. If you aren't a regular reader of Mr. Byrne's blog, I highly recommend you become one. He not only shares great websites, he gives explanations on how each resource could be used in the classroom.

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