Saturday, January 26, 2013

30,000 World War II Pictures, the Inauguration, and Diagrams

World War II Pictures in Color is a site that contains over 30,000 photographs from history's most devastating war. As the title of the site suggests, many of the pictures are in color. You can search using their search bar or browse by category. The site also contains discussion forum for people interested in sharing information or asking questions. They also sell the photographs from their site as well as other items such as posters and videos.  If you are a history teacher or are interested in World War II, then head on over and bookmark this great site.

Over a month ago I shared a You Tube Channel called Bad Lip Reading. They just came out with a new video from the recent Presidential Inauguration and the results are hilarious.I strongly encourage you to watch this video and if you enjoy it, take a look at the rest of their collection of funny videos.

Diagrammr is a very interesting site if you are looking for a simple way to create diagrams and charts. You can sign in using your Google account and then create your diagrams by writing sentences, which will put it into a simple diagram.

There is a short learning curve required as I found out when it took me about 5 minutes to work out the kinks and create the diagram below. Here are a few things to remember. (1)The sentences should be simple. (2) If you want to put more than one word in a box then put quotation marks around them. (3) Every word you type will show up

To give you a better idea of how to use Diagrammr, here is what I typed to create the chart you see above.
"George Washington" set precedents.
Precedents 1 "serving two terms"
Precedents 2 "using troops to enforce federal law"
Precedents 3 "creating a cabinet"

Notice that I started the second sentence with the last word of the first sentence. 

Diagrammr is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. Why not head over to their site and give it a try. This may be the easiest way to create a diagram.

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