Saturday, January 12, 2013

News, Sports, and 10 second videos

The journey around the world wide web has many turns and twists. I never know what new (to me) site I will discover or cool resource I'll uncover. Here are three sites I came across and am happy to share.

First is Newseum, a website that features the front pages of over 800 newspapers from all over the world. The papers can be searched by using a map, selecting a location from a list or by using the gallery which contains thumbnails of every newspaper. Please be aware that use of materials from the website does require permission of the site and the respective newspapers.

The GIF file has just become outdated. Coub is a new service that allows you to create 10 second videos uploaded from your computer or taken from You Tube or Vimeo that are similar to GIF's but the difference between them is that Coub videos have sound while GIF files are silent. Creating a Coub video is very easy to do but it does require a Facebook account to sign in which shouldn't be a problem for most people.

If you are a sports fan then you may want to check out  Sportz Hype, a new site with Pinterest like qualities. Their tag line is "a place where Sportz fans can share photos, news, videos, and much more." This site looks and feels a lot like Pinterest but there is no mistaking the focus of the site. Sports, sports, and more sports. If sports are your passion then you should certainly give Sportz Hype a try.

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