Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tackk - An Easy Way to Create and Share Online Posters

Tackk is a site I wrote about in one of my first blog posts and I thought it was worth mentioning again. Tackk allows you to create online posters that can be shared via email, social media or be embedded onto a webpage or blog. As soon as you arrive on the website you can start creating your poster by editing their ready made template. You can easily add a title, body text, pictures, videos, and even songs. You can add content from You Tube, Instagram, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Hulu, and Spotify. Creating an online poster with Tackk is so easy to do. Check out their Tackkboard to see what other people have created. Teachers could also use Tackk and have students create online posters as a project. Tackk is free to join and it is one of those great websites that anyone can use and everyone will enjoy.

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