Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three resources to discover new and interesting Infographics

Infographics are such a cool way to share information. A well done infographic can communicate so much information in such a short time but finding good ones can sometimes be a challenge. Well search no more as I have three excellent resources to assist you in discovering new and interesting infographics.

The Infographic Directory, by David Eaves, offers a large collection of infographics found on the web. Infographics are a growing way to communicate information is a visually appealing way. You can scroll through each page, use the search bar, or select from the categories listed on the right hand side of the site. Even though this site is less than a year old, it has an extensive collection of infographics for you to enjoy.

Daily Infographic is a website that features the best and most dynamic infographics found on the world wide web. If you are searching for an infographic about a specific topic then this website can help you as well. You can use their search bar or just select the category that interests you and they will more than likely have the infographic you were looking for. If you really enjoy their site then you can subscribe to their site and have daily infographics emailed to you.

The final resource  is a collection of nearly 600 infographics that have been put together on a Pinterest board by Randy Krum.

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