Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Curate.us - Clip and share anything from the web

Curate.us is a new online tool that allows you to share your favorite web content. When you find something you want to share you can paste the URL into their website or you can add their clipping tool onto your tool bar and clip whenever you'd like. When you first clip, an image of a large dog will appear (called the Big Shmoo) for about 20 seconds, which means the clip is being processed. When your webpage image appears you can add your own note and then share it via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email. or embed it into a blog or webpage. The image includes a link to the original web page so anyone who has an interest can go to the original source for more information. Curate.us is a much more useful way of sharing websites because it allows you to share more than just a link. Thanks to Make Use Of for the information regarding this site.

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