Monday, March 4, 2013

Education Uses for Digital Storytelling

One of the best uses of technology in the classroom is digital storytelling but many teachers find the process daunting and never make the attempt to have students make these great projects. Creating a digital story requires many different pieces of technology and lots of planning but the end product is worthwhile. The University of Houston has a developed Educational Uses for Digital Storytelling, a site that steers you through the entire process as well as providing guides, videos, and examples for you to follow. The site also offers assistance in the use of the various technology and software involved as well as publishing the videos on the web. When it comes to evaluating the final product, this site also contains rubrics for you to follow. While this website is geared toward college students, middle and high school teachers should be able to utilize this website for secondary education projects. If you have ever thought about digital storytelling as a project, then you should check out Educational Uses for Digital Storytelling by the University of Houston.

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