Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Civil War sites you should know about.

The America Civil War is one of the most fascinating and yet tragic events in our history. It was the first American war to be photographed and many of those pictures can be found here at the American Civil War Photo Gallery. There are over 1400 photographs of the people, places, and events of this tragic war. The site has 20 photo albums and most contain dozens on up to hundreds of Civil War pictures. If you teach American history or are just interested in the Civil War be sure to check this site out.

Next is Mike Lynuagh's Virtual Civil War website. This site is dedicated to remembering the nation's most devastating period with pages full of photographs of battlefields and monuments as well these vintage Civil War pictures from the time period.

Last, the  Civil War Daily Gazette is among the best resources I have found regarding the Civil War. It is blog that gives a day by day account of the bloodiest war in America's history. The Gazette was started on November 4, 2010 to commemorate the War's sesquicentennial and will continue until the year 2015. History teachers, students, and Civil War buffs should definitely bookmark this site.

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