Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 World War II resources you may not have seen

World War II is one of the greatest tragedies in human history which is why it is so thoroughly studied. We are still so fascinated by it's endless tales triumphs of the human spirit amid the crushing scenes of horror. Below are twelve websites that go behind the scenes of the 20th century's defining event. Please note that a few of the categories share more than one website.

1- World War II in Color

World War II Pictures in Color is a site that contains over 30,000 photographs from history's most devastating war. As the title of the site suggests, many of the pictures are in color. You can search using their search bar or browse by category. The site also contains discussion forum for people interested in sharing information or asking questions. They also sell the photographs from their site as well as other items such as posters and videos.  If you are a history teacher or are interested in World War II, then head on over and bookmark World War II Pictures in Color.


2- Digital Collection of WWII Propaganda Posters

Check out this  collection of historic World War II posters from the Cincinnati Digital Library. This collection of over 85 World War II propaganda posters are from both the U.S. and other nations. Since they are digital they can be downloaded and printed for use in the classroom. History teachers should race on over to this site ASAP.


3- D-Day to Victory

D-Day to Victory takes you from the D-Day invasion to the fall of Berlin. It offers detailed stories of the soldiers and their experiences and uses stunning 360 degree animation to tell the story. This site is great for teacher, students, and any World War II enthusiast.


4- Anne Franks' Secret Annex Online

From her journal to movies, the tragic story of Anne Frank has fascinated millions of people. Annefrank.org has a special section on their webpage called the Secret Annex Online that allows you to explore the secret annex where she and her family hid from the Nazis. From this site you can explore the apartment and all of the hiding places and learn about all the people involved. After you explore her living quarters you can view videos, read articles, and see photographs as well. The Secret Annex Online is one of the most compelling sources available to learn about the Anne Frank story.


5- Science and Technology of World War II

The Science and Technology of World War II in an interactive site that contains information, activities and lessons about the scientific advancements that were made during the Second World War. Explore visuals in the Darkroom or learn to send a coded message in the Activities section. Lern more in the Timeline area or perhaps take a virtual field trip. The Science and Technology of World War II offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and includes lesson plans for teachers.

6- FDR's Fireside Chats

FDR's Fireside Chats were radio addresses used by the 32nd president to inform and comfort the nation. They started during the Great Depression but he continued using them throughout the war. This site, The American Presidency Project, offers a selection of audio recording from Roosevelt's broadcasts. The Mid Hudson Regional Information Center offers transcripts of FDR's radio broadcasts which would make excellent close reads for students.

American Presidency Project - Hear FDR's Fireside Chats


7- Photographs from the Office of War Information

For a collection of high quality color images from the American Home front, check out this impressive photo collection from The Atlantic. These images come from the Office of War Information (OWI). The agency, created by FDR, was responsible for reporting war news, promoting patriotic activities, and providing the media with audio, film, and photos of the government's war efforts. While most of the scenes were posed, the subjects were the real thing -- soldiers and workers preparing for a long fight.


8- BBC History of WWII

BBC History has a terrific World War II section that's loaded with a variety of multimedia resources. This site contains detailed summaries of key events but keep digging because there is much more to discover. The BBC History site has animated maps, videos, audio files, quizzes, and more. This site offers a good comprehensive overview from a British point of view.


9- Japanese-American Internment

Exploring Japanese American Internment is a site that seeks to teach about the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. It uses video and other resources to explore this period of American History.


10- American Home Front

Scholastic also offers a section about the internment of Japanese American but their site also explore other aspect of the American Homefront including rationing and women working in the war industry.

Americanhistory.org also has an excellent page that explains about rationing and the effects on civilians.

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