Tuesday, December 10, 2013

6 websites to discover stunning images from around the world.

1- One Big Photo
One Big Photo is a site with a simple concept, just show amazing photographs. You can browse scroll through their pictures, browse their 12 categories or use the search bar to find pictures that go from simple to stunning. Users can upload their own pictures to the site but it must be reviewed and accepted before it gets posted. If you enjoy the site's content then you can subscribe to their site and get One Big Photo in your inbox. If you love photography or just incredible pictures then you should take a peek at One Big Photo.


2- Clik/Hear
Clik/Hear is a multimedia web page from the Palm Beach Post that features compelling stories, stunning images, and amazing videos from around the world. Their extensive collection has six categories; South/Florida, World/Nation, Sports, Lifestyle, Video, and Pictures of the Week. Just browsing through this last category (pictures of the week) can take up a lot of your time due to the sheer volume of photographs on display. If you are a fan of incredible photography, thought provoking stories, and remarkable videos, then take a look at Clik/Hear and be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing around.


Planet Earth is an amazing place and Trek Earth wants to share it with you. This is a travel themed website that features some of the most amazing photography from all over the world. The sites incredible pictures are searchable by their search bar, by favorites, by category, by theme, and under "statistics" you can search by nation. Trek Earth's 1.1 million images must be seen to be appreciated.  Many of the photographs rival any you will find anywhere. Trek Earth is not only great for travelers, nature lovers and photography buffs but it can be used by foreign language, geography, science and history teachers as well.


4- All that is Interesting
All that is Interesting is a website that feeds our desire to be amazed by our world. The site contains a large collection of photographs from the web and each photo is captioned explaining the picture. You don't need to look too deep into through their website to find a picture that will capture your attention. The photographs are sorted by categories such as "astounding", "curiosities," and "photography." Teachers will be interested in knowing that other categories include "history", "science", and "art." All that is Interesting is a website worth browsing and may prove to be useful to some educators out there.


5- Earth Cam
Earth Cam is your window to the world. This very cool website features live web cams giving you a front row seat to cities over the globe. See live shots of Times Square, Florida beaches, the Statue of Liberty, Caribbean Islands, or the Eiffel Tower. You can choose a country from their map and take a look at their wide variety of web cams as well. Earth Cams is an enjoyable way to see the world without the expense.


6- Beauty in Everything
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then this next website is a site to behold. Beauty in Everything is a site that features hundreds of photographs from Flickr. The subject matter of the photographs is widely varied and consists of people, animals, landscapes, nature, objects, cities and just about anything else. You can scroll through pages of beautiful photographs from today, yesterday, or go to their calendar and pick a date. You are sure to find many pictures that appeal to your sense of beauty.

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