Thursday, December 12, 2013

7 math based websites to discover (again)

It seems that there are new and exciting educational resources popping up every week and that's great but we sometimes forget about the great websites we used to visit. Below you'll find a small sample of math resources that may be new to you and a few that you may have forgotten about.

1-Johnnie's Math Page
Johnnie's Math Page is rich with math content for students, teachers and parents. The site has a clean layout and is easy to navigate. Johnnie's Math Page has games, activities, puzzles and worksheets galore and the site's range of topics apply to preschoolers on up to middle school.


2- Math is Fun
Math is Fun has been around since 2000 so the site is hardly new. Visitors will find a wide array of resources such as worksheets, quizzes, games, activities and a math dictionary. While the site's appearance make it look like it is built for younger students, they do have content that applies to secondary learners. If you haven't been to this site recently, perhaps it is time to check it out again.


Another website that has been around since 2000 is the Math Fact Cafe. This slick looking site is a powerful worksheet generator for elementary math teachers and parents. The site offers pre-made worksheets or you can create your own by clicking a few boxes to set your parameters and presto, a new worksheet. You can also practice math facts with their flashcards and there are even games available.


Mr. Nussbaum's Math Lab is a teacher created website containing a huge amount of fun and educational content. The site offers math based games, videos printables, and activities called "workshops." When exploring this site visitors have 25 categories to choose from so there is a lot to see and do. Mr. Nussbaum's Math Lab has a target audience of K-8 students and teachers.


AAA Math
AAA Math is a site with thousands of interactive math lessons for elementary and middle school students. Each lesson provides immediate feedback for the student and each lesson set also contains a quiz so students can test their progress. To navigate the site you simply select the math topic or grade. AAA Math makes an excellent resource for math students.


Math-Aids is a worksheet generator that provides free printable worksheets for over 77 math topics for grades K-12. You choose your topic and are presented with previews of each worksheet. Every selection also give you the option of printing an answer key. Math-Aids also has a selection of math videos by going to their educational videos page.


Math Goodies offers a wide range of resources for math students and teachers. Visitors can find interactive lessons, a worksheet generator, games, puzzles, calculators and more. Navigation is done by using their search bar or by clicking one of the categories just below their search bar. Math Goodies has been around since 1998 and if you haven't been here recently, it may be time to check it out again.


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