Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Explore the National Archives through social media

The National Archives is a fantastic resource for learning about our nation. Their collection of historic documents, photographs, film, recordings and other materials is no less than the history of our nation. The internet has made accessing their records so much easier but did you know the National Archives is also a participant in social media? You can visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter but they don't limit themselves to these two social media giants. Below are links with brief descriptions of what you will find in their other social media ventures.

The National Archives on Flickr has over 12,000 pictures arranged into over 200 photo sets. Their extensive collection features historical images, documents, and political cartoons.


You Tube
The National Archives You Tube channel contains over 1000 videos with all sorts of topics. There are old news reels, debates, and many other types of educational videos to explore.


The National Archives Pinterest page contains  44 boards that are overflowing with great images, teachers resources and other great educational material.


Overall, the National Archives has twelve Tumblr pages which you can discover here. The main Tumblr page of the National Archives reports on the news and current activities of the Archives.

My favorite National Archives on Tumblr is Our Presidents which features photographs and information from past U.S. Presidents.

Another great Our Presidents resource can be found here at their Pinterest page. With over 1000 pins on 67 boards, it is an excellent resource for Presidential history.


Google +
If you are a fan of Google+ then why not try out the National Archives Google+ page which has both news and historical information.

The National Archives also have a site through Wikispaces. Their page has pictures, documents and other historical records covering 13 major topics including the Revolution, Civil War and immigration.


The National Archives boasts 13 blogs that range from Black History to declassified military documents.


History Pin
The National Archives History Pin page currently has over 1000 images on 18 collections and 9 tours.


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