Sunday, January 12, 2014

15 places with fun and engaging social studies games

National Archives Games
The British National Archives website has a nice selection of history themed games that you won't likely find elsewhere. One game is based on trench warfare while another centers around turning off your lights during a German air raid. What was it like to gather food during war? There's a game for that too.


History Hunt
This engaging game from the St. Albans Museum challenges the player to find items that were stolen from the museum by the Norse god Loki. The player travels through time to find the items and also has to answer history questions. The St. Albans Museum also has a small selection of other history themes games and activities.


Washington Crossing the Delaware
This simple game from the New Jersey State website challenges the player to guide George Washington across the icy Delaware River. The game is reminiscent of the 80's game Frogger where instead of avoiding cars, you dodge chunks of ice. The site has additional games that can be found here.

BBC History Games
This selection of games comes from the BBC and focuses on British History. Each of the seven categories offers a variety of kids activities including a nice selection of history themed online games.


Mission U.S.
The Mission U.S. games are top notch and generally well known by educators. Each of the sites three missions are based on major historical events and help make history fun for kids.


Mr. Nussbaum's Social Studies Games
Mr. Nussbaum's website has a nice selection of social studies related games for grades K-5. The site's 14 games help to strengthen geography, economics and history knowledge.


National Geographic's Geography Games
National Geographic has over 120 games based around geography, history, science and nature. One of their many excellent games is Go on a Family Adventure which challenges players to solve clues and show off their geography skills.


H.I.P. Pocket Change Games
This game collection comes from the U.S. Mint and features 33 games, most with a social studies theme. There are games based on the three branches of government, Lewis and Clark and Jamestown just to name a few.

This highly recommended website has a terrific collection of games based on law and the U.S. Constitution. The site has 9 games and is a great ways to learn about the Constitution.


Texas Law Focused Education Games
Many of the games here are based around the U.S. Constitution. There are games based on the Preamble, the three branches, and the Bill of Rights. There are law based games and even one about the Declaration of Independence.


Sunnylands Civics Games
Here is another site with a nice collection of Constitution based games. The Bill of Rights, the Constitutional Convention and the 1st Amendment are all topics of some of the games you can find here.


Road to Revolution
This game from PBS challengers the player to test their knowledge about the American Revolution while navigating their way toward independence. It is a fun and engaging way for students to demonstrate thier knowledge of America's War for Independence.


History Globe's Jamestown Adventure
This game challenges the player to take on the role of the leader of the Jamestown Colony. The player has to make decisions to help the colony to survive while maintaining the position of leader. It is a great way to show the challenges that the settlers of the colony faced.


Class Brain Social Studies Games
Class Brain is an educational game site with a large selection for students of all ages. Their social studies area has eight games that challenge players to run for president, test their geography knowledge, and even join the Peace Corps.

Want to test your history knowledge, then why not try out this game from Shockwave games. You are given 8 events that took place on this date and you need to arrange them in chronological order.


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