Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 terrific science based Pinterest boards and Pinners

I really appreciate the visual aspect of Pinterest over other social media sites. With Pinterest, one look at an appealing image and you want to know more, which makes it tailor made for certain content areas such as science. Pictures of nature, weather phenomenon, and outer space are often some of the most impressive image you can find on Pinterest. Beyond the amazing pictures, there is a great deal of useful information to be found.

The Science Penguin
This collection has 54 boards and most are dedicated to classroom ideas about teaching science to younger students.

Science Stuff
Here you will find 144 boards and over 10,000 pins overflowing with great science resources.


Steve Spangler Science
This is a collection of 72 boards dedicated not only to science education, but to education in general. This is a must see for any educator.

Here is another excellent collection of science education resources. It boasts 56 well organized boards and they are all dedicated to science education.

The Weather Channel has 27 boards full of images from around the country and the world. If you are a teacher, student, or just a person interested in the weather, then why not check it out.


VT Technology's boards which includes over 173 pins of science based resources and pictures.


Next up is a page titled NASA Observatory by John Repiso. It includes over 180 different pictures and videos about space and astronomy.


The Langley Research Center out of Virginia  has 8 boards with 475 different resources and pictures.


The collection from the Smithsonian has 50 boards with nearly 600 pictures and resources. 


Science Science Science 
Here you will discover a great selection of science based resources that can be found in their 120 boards with over 3100 pins.

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