Wednesday, February 12, 2014

7 (more) websites that make learning science fun

Science and Nature
This collection of cool games and activities comes from Smithsonian Education. Whether you are studying astronomy, geology, zoology, anatomy or physics, you will find an activity to include in your lessons. Since this all comes from the Smithsonian, you know you can rely on its quality and accuracy.


ACS - Science for Kids
The American Chemical Society put together this collection of science related resources. If you are looking for experiments, lesson plans, activities or games, this site has them all. This resources aren't all about chemistry either. There is educational materials related to physics, geology, and anatomy as well.


Science from Kids.Gov
This collection of free resources from the Federal Government combines the best from their various departments. You can learn about chemistry, astronomy, geology, life science and more. There are lesson plans, activities, videos and games to play for students of all ages.


This hige collection of engaging science activities comes from the PBS show Zoom. Chemistry, life science, physics, and geology are all represented in this extensive selection of educational resources. For even more, click on the "Parent/Teacher" section for lessons and hands on activities.


Science Interactives
Annenberg Learner is a site that I have repeatedly recommended to teachers of all disciplines. Their educational interactives are some of the best resources you will find anywhere. Science teachers should make a point to check out their huge collection of science based learning activities. They are sorted by grade level or use their search bar.


Inner Body
Inner Body provides detailed views of the inner working of the human body. Choose the body system you wish to explore and the site will show you detailed pictures and information about the systems different parts and how they work together. The site is a terrific resource for secondary and college level learners but probably a little too detailed for younger students.


Sea and Sky
When studying the oceans or the heavens be sure to check out this website. You will find a great deal of educational material including reference guides, pictures, activities, news and games. Students studying the oceans or space will likely enjoy learning about these two unique places with the resources this site has to offer.


EPA - Students for the Environment
This government sponsored site provides students and teachers with educational resources about the environment.Lesson plans, games, and project ideas are just a few of the things found on this site. Students can also take quizzes, calculate air quality and learn how their actions impact the environment.

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