Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 great tools for education : Day 5

I have two very useful resources to share today. One is an excellent tool for student research and review, while the other is a powerful presentation resource.

Shmoop is a website that uses the tag line "We speak student." It is actually an extremely useful site that offers learning guides, teaching resources, flash cards, videos, test prep, and the list goes on and on. Most of their resources are free but there is some pay content. To learn more about Shmoop check out this video or go to their site and look around.

The second site for today is called Edcanvas which is a site that allows you to create an interactive learning page called a canvas. These "canvases" can be used to for flipping the classroom, review resources, or as teacher led presentations.The site is very user friendly and is free to use. Check out this video to learn how easy it is.

Today is the official end to my 5 day series 10 great tools for education. I plan to continue sharing a wide variety education resources so be sure to come back to see what is in store.

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