Monday, December 10, 2012

Three is the magic number

Since I started this blog a few months ago I have been experimenting with how many resources I should share in any given entry. Sharing too many websites in a post may be overwhelming and you may not get the opportunity to explore all of the resources. I also want to be sure to include enough resources that each post will be a worthwhile read. I have shared as many as 10 websites and as few as , so I have come to the conclusion that three resources per entry is a good compromise.

The first resource is Publisher to PDF, which allows you to convert a Publisher document to a PDF file without scanning and without cost to you. Once you upload your file and submit your email, the site sends you the PDF via your email. It does a take a few steps but it works and it is free.

Today's second resource is called TV Schoolhouse which has a collection of "old time" educational videos. They are sorted by content area and could be another resource for the hard working teachers out there.

Finally, since holiday shopping is well underway, it is a good time to share the Gift Professor. If you have someone in your life who is difficult to shop for then this is the site for you. Gift Professor helps you to choose a gift for someone by asking you a few simple questions and then revealing a variety of gift choices. You can buy direct from their site or shop for the best price elsewhere.

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