Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trading Cards, Fakebook, and Infographics... oh my!

Today's first resource, a trading card maker, comes from one of the best education websites out there called Read, Write, Think. This cool educational tool allows students to demonstrate knowledge by creating a trading card based on a person (real or fictional), a place, a thing, event, or idea. Go here if you would like to know more about this website.

Another way students can demonstrate knowledge is through the creation of a Fakebook profile from the Cooltools.net website. The site takes you through the process and finished profiles are automatically added to their gallery which can be viewed here. The gallery is a great place for teachers and students to get ideas.

The final resource  is a collection of over 500 infographics that have been put together on a Pinterest board by Randy Krum. This gallery was first brought to my attention on Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog (which I strongly recommend) and it features infographics on a wide array of topics.

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