Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mysterious Gadget Scoop?

Have you ever wondered how words develop? The creators of Mysteries of Vernacular have created a website that addresses that question. While it is impossible to explain the evolution of all words, many of you may find their short video explanations interesting and thought provoking. I first learned about this site here, from the Free Technology for Teachers blog. 

Today's second site, Scoop it, allows you to collect resources on a topic and then create a content page that can best be described as a montage of information. Your content page can be shared through social media or embedded in a blog or web page. Scoop it is free but there are upgraded plans for people who want more features like analytics. If you'd like to learn more go here or check out some examples here.

Today's last website is called Craziest Gadgets. This site shares products that are sometimes cool, sometimes wacky but always interesting.  While the items feature on Craziest Gadgets can be purchased from the website, you can always shop around to see if the items are available for less elsewhere.

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