Thursday, December 20, 2012

Parent Teacher Communication?

We Are Teachers is a website where educators can go for a variety of resources. Whether you’re looking for lesson plans, product reviews, web resources and blogs or a chance at money for your classroom, then this may be a site you'll enjoy. We Are Teachers is worth looking at and it is free to join.

Next up is a site called Bureau of Communication. Here you will find official looking forms for every day emotional expressions such as apologies, thank yous, and love letters. They seem to be extremely practical ways of saying things that are often very difficult. At the same time, they are funny because they take something that is deeply emotional and personal and make it heartless and indifferent. Regardless of your motives, the Bureau of Communication is worth a look.

Today's finale is a cartoon that every parent can appreciate. It is featured on a site called Nick Mom and perhaps can serve as a warning to any future parents out there. The morale of the cartoon, don't expect to get too much done when your children are with you.

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