Friday, December 21, 2012

Graphing Manly Words?

Graphing Stories is a series of "real world" videos by Dan Meyer and Buzz Math that have a graphing measurements theme. It sounds boring but the videos and accompanying graphing worksheet are an engaging way to demonstrate concepts. The videos are free to download and as mentioned before, they come with a generic graphing worksheet.

Next up is a site called Man Crates which offers gift "crates" (no baskets) that appeal to men. The crates have masculine themes such as "survivalist, beer, sports, and carnivores. Each manly gift is delivered to your door and even comes with its own crow bar to open the crate.

22 Words is a blog by Abraham Piper that features 10 to 12 "curious, cute, comical or "crazy" posts a day. Each post is essentially a picture, a video, or cartoon that is funny, amazing, or disturbing. 22 words is a good site to check out if you want be entertained or have a good laugh.

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