Saturday, December 22, 2012

Did You Stumble Upon Book RX?

I begin today with a very cool web tool from Northwestern University called Book RX. This website will generate a list of book recommendations by analyzing your Twitter activity. It could be good way to come up with book ideas for yourself or you could use it to find gift ideas for friends and family who love to read.

If you would like to impress your friends and colleagues with endless facts and trivia then why not check out Did You Know. This site offers pages upon pages of informative tidbits to read and enjoy. While you won't find the answers to life's big questions, this site does offer a great deal of interesting information.

Stumble Upon is one of my absolute favorite sites. I mentioned in an earlier post that it is one of the ways I discover the websites that I share in this blog. Whether or not you use Stumble Upon, why not check out the Best of Stumble Upon, a blog dedicated to the interesting things found on the Stumble Upon site.

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