Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple Toys for Bad Lips?

Up first today is Innovatoys, a really cool site that sells unique gadget toys for kids and adults. If you are a fan of science then this site is a a dream come true. With toys categories such as optical illusions, nature, lights, and gadgets, there is a large array of science based educational toys to choose from. While it's too late for Christmas, there are still birthdays to shop for, so why not check it out.

Next is Simple booklet, a site where you can create sleek and professional digital publications. You can create digital brochures, booklets, flyers, or product guides and then embed them into websites, blogs, Facebook, or send them in an email. There is a free option but your booklet will come with ads and a Simple Booklet watermark. Educators can get 10 free publications per year without watermarks or advertising. Simple Booklet could be a great tool for teachers or those with a small business.

Last is a hilarious You Tube Channel called Bad Lip Reading. The creators of these videos dubs over movies, TV shows, music videos, stories from the news and politics. The dubbing is funny and nonsensical but it matches the lip movements of the people on the screen. The effect is very funny as you can see in the Hunger Games video below.

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