Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Commercials, Comics, and Humor

I hate commercials. Not all commercials, just the average, run of the mill commercials. Now good commercials are often better than the television show I am watching, but outside of Superbowl Sunday, they are as rare as  a solar eclipse. I would love it if there was a place I could go to view great current commercials as well as classic ones. Well that place exists and it is called This site finds the best advertisements, both past and present, and posts them on their website. Why not go there and perhaps you will discover cool commercials like this kindness themed one from Coca-Cola.

As I shared in an earlier posting, one of the best resources for discovering new websites is Diigo. Yesterday, one of the cool sites that was shared (by Michelle Brown) is called Chogger. With Chogger you can create your own online comic either by drawing them on the site or uploading a picture and adding word balloons. Best of all you can save and share your comics with the world. This site is a great way to utilize your creativity and have fun.

Last up today is a fun site I recently discovered via Stumble Upon. The site is called and is simply a humor site that shares funny images from around the world wide web. We all enjoy a good chuckle so if you head over to this site you'll find funny things such as This is What Humor Looks Like.

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