Saturday, January 19, 2013

Math, Science, Writing, and Great Recipes

Brain Genie is an educational site based around improving math and science knowledge and skills. The site is intended for all grade levels and has thousands of lessons, games, and videos to guide students in mastering math and science. The site is free to join and will keep track of student progress and even provides reports, assignments, a gradebook, and awards. This site is a fantastic resource for students to use and teachers to share.

Writing is hard work but it is also very rewarding and can even be fun. 750 Words is a site that recognizes all these things and wants you to start writing. The site is built around the idea that starting your day by writing is a good way to clear your thoughts and improve your thinking throughout the day. It encourages you to attempt three pages (yes pages) of writing every morning but the writing can be about anything and your writing is always private. The purpose is to cleanse your mind and start your day without mental clutter. You are awarded points for your writing to help motivate you. The site is free so there is no reason not to look it over and learn more.

It has been awhile since I shared a cooking site so I figured I was overdue. Picture the Recipe is a food site that is visually appealing and informative. The site's author, Noreen, describes herself as the "ultimate foodie" who loves experimenting with recipes and takes pictures of the food at restaurants. She turned her food passion into this great website that shares well photographed recipes as well as other tips and information. If cooking is your passion or you simply want great ideas, you should definitely head over to Picture the Recipe to see the great things Noreen has for you.

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