Tuesday, January 8, 2013

World War II to Sticky Comic Gadget Reviews?

It should come as no surprise that the internet is a lot like the world. Most of us stick to our own little corner, comfortable with what is known and familiar. Sometimes we explore beyond our home base and get a taste of something new but we always retreat back to our comfort zone. While I can't bring new places to you I can bring you new internet sites and experiences. I am your internet travel guide.

Our first stop on today's trip is D-Day to Victory, a great World War II site. This website takes you from the D-Day invasion to the fall of Berlin. It offers detailed stories of the soldiers and their experiences and uses stunning 360 degree animation to tell the story. This site is great for teacher, students, and any World War II enthusiast.

The next stop on this journey is Sticky Comics, a site that features comics drawn on sticky notes. The site is run by Christiann MacAuley who produces all the comics on the site. Please be aware that some comics do contain profanity so I wouldn't recommend this site for children.

Dude I Want That will be our final stop on today's internet tour. This site features reviews of cool products and gadgets that you may find interesting. The products are sometimes cool, sometimes gross, and always unique. The site does not sell the products it review but does provide links to the sellers. Some of the products and the review do contain profanity so this is another site that I wouldn't recommend for children.

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