Monday, January 7, 2013

Today I found Civil War Map Games?

My website stash has reached 1400 sites and continues to grow. My earlier focus on Pinterest has caused a major back up and I have to get back to sharing the variety of sites that is the norm for me. All three sites today have an educational slant and could be useful to educators, students, and parents.

Keeping with my recent history theme, here is a site loaded with Civil War maps. It is from a site called the Civil War Trust which also works to save historic Civil War sites.

Next is How Do You Play, a site dedicated to interactive games for kids, school, church and families. Categories include Card games, Board games, Active games, Classroom games , Sports games, Team Building games and Ice Breaker games. This site is worth bookmarking if you interact with children on a regular basis.

Last is a site called Today I Found Out, which was established with the idea that it is always a good idea to learn something new. Under the "articles" tab you will find a lengthy list of subjects from which to read. The site also had  "This day in history" section and a "quick facts" section. If you are interested in learning new things then this site is right up your alley.

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