Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pinterest Battle of the Decades - the 1980's

The decade of excess. Reagan, Wall Street, Cold War tensions ease, big hair, and bad fashion. Yet, that's just a small taste of the 1980's. The decade where I went from 12 to 21. I was much more aware of this warts of the decade as I became a young adult but there was still a lot of innocence in my perception of world events. So let's remember the 1980's one more time.

Staring off, here is my board that has over 220 pins. While searching other boards I noticed the lack of sports references so I tried to rectify that mine.

Then there is this board by Debbie Campbell that has nearly 270 pins of 80's memories. I liked the way she added some more obscure products I had forgotten about  like Slice soda, and Tootsie drops.

Check out this board by Robin Nampel which has over 375 pins dedicated to the 1980's. This board provides a great look into the 80's as a kid.

Last is this board from Evreux France which has an amazing 500 plus pins. If it happened in the 80's then this board probably makes reference to it.

The 1980's seem almost cartoon like in their excess and innocence. Big hair, men with pierced ears and make up, neon colored clothes, and two types of music to scare parents. Heavy Metal and Rap. The 80's started with great promise as Reagan reinvigorated American patriotism and by the end of the decade the Cold War was ending. So where does this time period rank for you? Were the 80's your favorite? Please comment below or vote in the poll at the top of the page.

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