Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pinterest Battle of the Decades - the 1990's

We are up to the 1990's in our trip down memory lane via Pinterest. The 90's were my first decade as an adult and are marked with many of life's big milestones. I graduated from college, got married, had my first child, and starting teaching all in the 1990's. That's a lot of big events so this decade certainly has a lot of meaning to me. Take a look at these Pinterest boards to see what you remember.

The first Pin board is from Megan Cronk and has over 180 pins. The overall theme of this board is related to childhood memories of the 90's so if you grew up during this decade you will enjoy reminiscing.

This board from Kate has a balanced representation of 1990's culture. Television, movies, music, fashion, and the news are all pinned to this board.

Next is this board by Joanne Styers which contains over 290 pins about life in the 90's. It offers a nice variety of memories from the decade including pagers, Beavis and Butthead, and the Animaniacs.

Last is this impressive board by Brittany Hayes that boasts of over 740 Nineties themed pins. If you were alive during this decade then this board is the one to lead you down memory lane.

The 1990's, the decade of Bill Clinton, the end of the Cold War, the Gulf War, and the beginning of the internet. A decade between 9/11 and  Cold War fears. Was this the best decade of the past six or were others better in your opinion? Comments and votes are appreciated.

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