Thursday, January 3, 2013

Old Photos of Gadget Recipes?

With my Pinterest cravings now satisfied, I am back to sharing my collection of unique websites I have hoarded. This post is comprised of a gadget shoppers dream site, another excellent cooking site, and an amazing collection of old pictures that will appeal to lovers of  history and photography.

First up is This is why I am broke, which is a site where you can purchase some of the coolest and most unique gadgets available. While I can't say I have ever bought anything, I love to browse their extensive collection of amazing products. If you would like to buy something unique for a friend or loved one, This is why I am broke is a site worth checking out.

Next there is this promising looking cooking site called Table Spoon. This site features a large collection of great recipes which are categorized by type of meat, cuisine, courses, diet, method, and occasion. In addition to their recipes they also feature a coupon section to assist your wallet as you shop for the necessary ingredients.

Finally there is this post from Denver Post photo blog. It is a photo gallery of 77 pictures of American cities before 1950. Many of the pictures are from the 19th century and go as far back as the Civil War era. These pictures are a "must see" for history buffs and fans of old photography.

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