Friday, December 6, 2013

Three cool web tools for teachers

1- 365 Things to make you go Hmmmmm

365 Things to make you go hmm has nothing to do with the C&C Music Factory song. It is a resource from a site called Sparky Teaching that challenges students to think and respond to a question. 365 Things is a good warm up activity or or writing prompt. Students can leave their response on the website or teachers can display the question and have students respond at their desks on paper. Either way, 365 Things to make you go hmm is an good resource for any teacher to spark think, writing, or conversations within the classroom.

2- eQuiz Show

When I first discovered eQuiz Show, I knew I had to write about it on this blog. eQuiz Show allows you to create online Jeopardy style games which you can use in the classroom or students can play them from home to review. Creating the games is very easy and you can always edit them at any time. A password is required to edit any quiz so no other user can edit your quiz unless they have your password. Teachers, if you are looking for an engaging way to review with your students, then really should give eQuiz Show a try.


3- Embed Plus

Embed Plus is a tool that enhances viewing You Tube videos by giving you full control like you have with DVD players. Embed Plus allows you to fast forward, rewind, pause, instant replay/loop, play in slow motion, zoom, crop, and mark chapters. It is available as a Chrome extension or Word Press plug in and can also be embedded into a blog or website.  Check out Embed Plus and you will likely be changing the way you watch You Tube.

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  1. Hi Michael...
    Just stumbled across this today (for "stumbled" read "was Googling myself"). Glad to see you like the 365 Things questions. Since you posted this, we rolled into 2014 and I deleted the previous 365. So, at the time of typing, there's about 42 questions on there, but steadily growing. It makes it more fun to delete them every year. Anyway, thanks for the mention - much appreciated.