Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 science websites for students of any age

Science Clips
This BBC website provides students with the opportunity to conduct science activities online. It is targeted to students ages 5 to 11 and the site's activities are sorted by age group. Each age group is given 6 activities that they can perform with topics such as light and shadows, life cycles, using electricity, and forces in action. Each activity is accompanies by a quiz that checks the student's understanding.


Learn 4 Good
This site has a large collection of science based online games for students grades 3 through 12. The site's nearly 30 games consist of games based on physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, brain teasers and puzzles. If you are looking for a fun way for students to practice science concepts, you can never go wrong with these science based games.


Rader's Biology 4 Kids
This site is one of 5 websites by Andrew Rader Studios that focus on science. The site provides basic biology information about cells, microorganisms, plants, invertebrates and animals. The best feature found on this site is the collection of more than 25 online quizzes that students can take to test their general biology knowledge.

Rader's Cosmos 4 Kids
This site from Andrew Rader Studios focuses on the wonders of space. Here you will find basic information about planets, stars, galaxies, and other space related topics. This site has 4 online quizzes and as well as space related wallpapers and a slide show about Saturn's Moons.


Rader's Geography 4 Kids
This science site from Andrew Rader Studios is all about the Earth. If you are studying geology, the atmosphere, biosphere, or climate then be sure to visit this site because it is full of basic information on those topics and more. This site contains over a dozen quizzes as well as live web cams, wallpapers, and even beautiful panoramas from around the world.


Rader's Chem 4 Kids
As you can see in the title, this site from Andrew Rader Studios is all about chemistry. Students who are learning about atoms, molecules, elements, reactions and even biochemistry can find a lot of information here. The sire contains a glossary and an encyclopedia like page called "real world examples" with pictures and chemical formulas of of chemicals and chemical reactions. As with the other sites, you can find online quizzes to test your knowledge of chemistry.


Rader's Physics 4 Kids
The final site from Andrew Rader Studios is about the world of physics. The site provides information about motion. light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and gravity. You will find a dozen quizzes to test your knowledge of these things and other information found on the website.

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  1. Awesome! As a science teacher I'm always looking for new sites.
    I have actually tried some of these, and they are wonderful. Cannot wait to try the rest.