Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pinterested in History - 14 History Pinners you should follow

Pinterest is a great resource for people to discover and share pictures, videos, and websites. While it currently ranks third behind Facebook and Twitter, it is still an excellent way to share resources. With that in mind, here are 14 Pinterest accounts that should be followed by anyone who teaches or loves history.

The National Archives 
The National Archives Pinterest page contains 45 boards with over 910 pins. As the official record keeper of the United States, the Archives are a terrific resources for anyone interested in the nation's history. If you enjoy their Pinterest boards be sure to check out their other social media outlets which can found here.


Our Presidents
This is a Pinterest page from the National Archives that focuses on the the lives of U.S. Presidents. It contains 73 boards and over 1100 pins and features many pictures that are unique to their collection.

The Smithsonian 
The Smithsonian has 42 boards with more than 770 pins, many of which are extremely useful to history teachers. With topics such as "presidential inaugurations" and "black history month" the Smithsonian's Pinterest page is worth a serious look.

National Museum of American History 
The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History Pinterest site offers the greatest array of topics and resources with 58 boards with over 2070 pins. With such a large collection of resources to explore, this site is an absolute must for any fan of American history.

Black History Web Pinterest pages are focused on the rich history of African Americans. They currently have 25 different boards containing over 460 pins with boards related to civil rights, slavery, and military history just to name a few.

The History Girl has 78 boards and over 4800 pins dedicated to history topics. Greece, Rome, Colonial America and decades in the 20th century are just some of the boards you will encounter on her page.


This Pinterest page by Jess Zimmerman has a nice selection of over 9100 pins found on 39 boards. The page is dedicated to American history with interesting topics such as the Indian Wars, World War II, Cold War and women's suffrage.

As the name suggests, this is page is dedicated to history of nations other than the United States. Her site boasts over 4700 pins that can be discovered on her 180 boards. World history teachers will be sure to find what they are looking for on this terrific Pinterest page.


This impressive Pinterest site has 136 boards and more than 8900 pins dedicated to American history. This site contains many of the topics you would expect such as the Civil War and Vietnam War but that's not all you will find. There are boards dedicated to the history states such as Illinois, Utah, and Virginia.


This Pinterest page is dedicated to the amazing women who have changed history throughout the world. The site contains over 2100 pins on 35 boards about people like Dolley Madison, Hellen Keller, and even Lizzie Borden.

This history themed Pinterest page contains 39 boards with more than  2200 pins. The site has a a large selection of vintage photographs as well as pages dedicated to women's history and even one with historical quotes.

This site, which is curated by historian Tiffany Dziurman, has more than 830 pins on 52 unique boards. This Pinterest page contains many of the topics you would expect and many that may surprise you. You will find boards about Lincoln and Ellis Island but there are also ones with history memes and Christmas' in the past.


The History Lab is focused on American history and the 38 boards are categorized in chronological eras, much like a textbook. The site is curated by history teacher Angela Hamblen and it has over 500 pins on topics such as Japanese American internment and the Civil Rights Movement.


If World War II is your topic of choice then this is the Pinterest page for you. There are more than 6200 pins on 27 boards and the vast majority are related to the Second World War. Weapons, planes, events and people are all shown in great detail on the boards found here.

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