Saturday, February 1, 2014

8 math based websites you may not have seen

Kids Math 365 is a place where you can find math games, math worksheets, as well as flash cards. Their collection of over 30 online math games include addition games, subtraction games, multiplication games and division games. This site's target audience is preschool through 4th grade.


Math 4 Children
This website contains a wide range of features including games, video lessons and online quizzes. They also have bot printable and online worksheets that help strengthen math concepts. Their resources target students K - 7th grade.


Personal Math Online Help
Personal Math Online Help is a website with math resources for grades K - 4th. Their site contains lessons, games, worksheets, and printables for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The site also contains tables, conversion charts, and online calculators.


Math Concentration
Math Concentration is a terrific resource to help students of any age improve their math skills. They have math games, challenges and printable worksheets galore. Their most impressive feature may be their library of over 1500 video tutorials on a wide range of math topics. Navigation on the site is simple. You can choose on of their resources along the topic or choose the math concept/subject  located in the center of the page.


Dad's Worksheets
Dad's Worksheets is an extremely useful site for parents, teachers, and students alike. Their worksheet library has over 7000 printables worksheets for just about every math concept. The quality of their material is first rate and all of their resources are 100% FREE.


Math Interactives by Annenberg Learner
Annenberg Learner is a powerful educational website that I shared over a year ago. For math teachers and students the site contains large collection resources including math lesson plans, and video tutorials but their most impressive feature is their collection of over 160 challenging interactive math problems. All the resources found on the site are sorted by concept or by grade level and range from Kindergarten to college level.


Kids Math Games Online
If you are looking for a website that has engaging math resources then this website is for you. Kids Math Games Online has a huge selection games and activities that help make learning math concepts more enjoyable. They have lessons, games, videos, quizzes, worksheets and printables for learners of any age.


The Problem Site
The Problem Site features a wide variety of educational games that test the players math and verbal abilities. Their games are categorized on the tabs at the top of the page. Their math 18 challenges are targeted toward a variety of ages and their is also a small selection of games for younger children. The site also offers printable math sheets and lessons on various math concepts.

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