Monday, January 21, 2013

Education Resources, Brand Names, and Social Media for Men is a non-profit organization dedicated to education. Their website offers a large collection of resources for students and teachers like Brain Genie which I recently shared. While the bulk of their resources are math and science centered, they do offer resources for other content areas as well including history, English, and SAT prep. Their website is free to join and offers a wealth of learning resources and activities. Students can keep track of their learning as they complete lessons and activities and members can upload their own resources to the site as well. If you are a teacher or a student then do yourself a favor by going to this website and signing up.

Pongr is a social media site where users upload and share pictures of their favorite brand name products. People simply snap a picture and send it to Pongr where it is posted on a page that features pictures from other people who also enjoy the same thing. (see the Mt. Dew page below) Pictures can be from advertisements, t-shirts, fan drawings, and of course the actual product itself. Users earn rewards by accumulating points for every upload. Share your passion for your favorite soda, chips, or technology by joining Pongr.

Gentlemint is a social media site similar to Pinterest but with a manly twist with the tag line " a place to find and share manly things." The pictures and subject matter that members post to Gentlemint are more than just guns, sports and cars, there are many posts sharing recipes, fashion, wine, and travel. If you enjoy using Pinterest, you will likely enjoy Gentlemint as well.

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